Google shows its support to the blockchain world.

It is no secret to anyone, the fact that Google has always tried to keep its distance from the blockchain world, specifically from everything related to the new economy of cryptocurrencies, as well as NFTs, non-divisible tokens, mainly created for works of art, unique collectibles, music, among others.

However, and to the delight of the blockchain world, we recently saw the news that Google made some changes in its policies regarding crypto assets, which allows app developers to introduce NFTs within certain games and applications, within the Google Play Store.

In this way, Google, in a post published on its blog, recognizes the value and importance of so many applications linked to blockchain technology, thus supporting the growth of this sector, but making it very clear the importance of protecting users.

On the other hand, Joseph Mills, the product manager for the Google Play group, stated:

“Today, we are pleased to share that we are updating our policy to open up new ways to transact Blockchain-based digital content within apps and games on the Google Play Store. From reinventing traditional games with user-owned content to increasing user loyalty through unique rewards in NFTs, we are excited to see creative in-app experiences flourish and help developers expand their businesses.”

However, in these new policies, Google makes it very clear that everything must be strictly governed, based on the following guidelines:

Requirement of applications with users, about all crypto assets. If any app or game sells or allows users to earn digital assets in the form of tokens, developers must clearly and specifically state this.

  • It is prohibited for developers to promote or carry out commercial activities, based on crypto assets.
  • Those applications that do not meet the requirements to be eligible for wagering are disabled from accepting money, or winning any assets of unknown monetary value, including NFTs.
  • All purchases offered on NFT must have a clear value to users at the time of purchase. Developers need to take this into account, including loot boxes.

In this way, all developers who comply with these rules have the possibility of incorporating crypto assets into their applications.

We still have to see in the medium and long term, how these new measures turn out to be favorable for the world of blockchain and Web3, everything points to a commitment to the growth of this important technological sector.

The other side of the coin with Apple

For its part, the giant Apple, maintains quite restrictive policies for the blockchain world and crypto assets. Thus establishing the impossibility of the growth of this sector, within its App Store.

Over time, we will see if Google's measures will change Apple's position in the blockchain world.

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