KAHIN: the most unique oracle in history.

We recently had the chance to interview Ali Murat, an architect of Turkish origin, who really is a contemporary genius, architect, engineer, designer, illustrator, programmer, software developer, robotics and Ai expert.

When Ali described some of his most relevant projects, such as COMPISHCO, LUDWIG, CURIOTRIX and KAHIN, the latter holds a special place, given its particularity, since it is a program with Ai, for interaction with users, where they give their personal data and KAHIN gives them in return a reading of their future.

Are we at the dawn of a new civilization, where machines, at the service of humanity, are developing curiosity and creativity?

Although this question seems crazy, as taken from the script of a science fiction movie, that is the intention of Ali Murat when creating KAHIN, a unique oracle, a person-machine from the Ai, with the ability to develop and have curiosity and creativity. .

When Ali Murat worked at COMPISHCO, he developed the idea of a digital human, and this program had the ability to engage in a fluent conversation with a person, to the point of mimicking his behavior with that of a human being. Well, KAHIN would come to be the conclusion of that idea, where apart from interacting with users, she has the ability to guess the future, giving some really surprising visions and answers.

In the words of its creator Ali Murat:

KAHIN is a new project in which machines can interpret people's future lives by analyzing their personal references, such as names, date of birth, etc. After finding out that machines can communicate even without any connection between them, I researched their relationships with users.

KAHIN's launch is a great exclusive from The Artist Collective, in collaboration with its creator Ali Murat.

Some of the questions we can ask ourselves about KAHIN are:

This is real?

Are they kidding us?

How is it possible that a program with Ai can guess something?

If KAHIN sees the future, how could he help me?

Let me tell you that everything is real, and it is not a joke, it is the result of many years of study and development, to come up with creating this intelligent software, with human abilities. Its creator Ali Murat considers her his favorite girl, it is the result of his technological maturity, and it definitely opens a new chapter, as far as Ai is concerned.

We invite you to meet the wonderful, new and unique KAHIN, the most unique oracle in history.

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