AC Newsletter 05 August.

Good afternoon, AC community.  

We continue to share our news, through our content, in English and Spanish.

Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing the entrepreneur and fashion designer Afroja K, who has a very innovative proposal in the world of fashion.

Afroka K is a fervent follower of slow fashion, and all of her work is done based on the idea of modest fashion, supported by advanced technologies, such as AI.

 As we can read in our website about Afroja K:

Afroja K is a trailblazing entrepreneur and businesswoman based in London, UK. She is the Founder CEO of Neomodest that celebrates the beauty of modest fashion through disruptive fashion ideas for both the conventional and digital fashion spaces. She is also the founder of Hijab On Demand, the first-ever web 3 and digital hijab brand offering phygital hijabs, scarves and bandanas.

In our interview, Afroja K reveals to us:

" Since I’m working in AI fashion, imagination and vision are the most crucial factors for me to create my designs. We’re offering phygital fashion means 3D fashion or 3D rendering is another most important part of our design process. I’ve to work with my freelance 3D designers’ team to guide them through the process, and then I’ve to work with my Couturier for the physical production. As a visionary AI fashion designer, I do my research on more sustainable fashion design and production solutions and how we can represent cultures and communities."

Afroja's proposal is undoubtedly very valuable, both for the physical world, and for the new virtual spaces. At The AC, we are very pleased to have her as part of our community.

Para nuestra comunidad Hispana, pueden leer la entrevista en español siguiendo este enlace.

In another order of ideas, generative art is gaining a lot of ground, in the world of #cryptoart. Recently the NFT The Goose, by the artist Dmitri Cherniak, was auctioned by Sotheby's in $5.4 million, a quite high figure, for a work of generative art. Although a year ago, this same artist sold another NFT from the same Ringers's collection at Artblocks, for more than $7 million.

In this post, we analyze this topic, and we explain what #generativeart is, a type of art that is 100% digital and created with computer code. The most used code language for generative art is JavaScript, and the most popular platform to create generative art is p5.


All this is very interesting to us, and we see that more and more, art as such is displacing PFPs, which at one time were considered the vanguard of the NFT ecosystem.

It seems that generative art is emerging as the new avant-garde in the world of crypto art. At The AC, we follow all this very carefully.

Para nuestros lectores en español, pueden encontrar este contenido en el siguiente enlace.

As part of the support for the artists of our community, we include in our newsletter two artists with their commented works.

On this occasion, our artists are Jessie Pesquera and Jhony Luna.

Jessie Pesquera with her amazing photography American Women 001, a NFT part of the collection American Women in Opensea.

Jhony Luna with his work Tojho Red. A 1/1 Phygital (Physical + NFT).

Most of the art pieces in the AC are Phygital (physical with NFT), which is especially useful when authenticity and verification are important to the artist and collector.

When you are a collector, The AC will give you access to meet the Artist, look at the pieces before your purchase. 

When you're an artist, it's important to have personal contact with your collectors, and the AC will give you access. That way, you can get feedback and make sure that you're giving them what they want. If a collector is satisfied with the work you've created for them, they'll be more likely to buy again from you—and tell their friends about what a great experience they had working with you!

Take a look at the ABOUT of our website, and you will understand in depth everything we do.

Thank you for being part of our community.

The AC team.

We are very grateful to our sponsor, the writer Deniz Uzunoglu, who has the incredible novel Barba Rossa available on Amazon.


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