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The Artist Collective (The AC) is a catalyst in the creative economy, dedicated to empowering artists and enriching the art world through innovative strategies and technologies. We strive to provide the essential networks, resources, and expertise every artist needs to thrive. Our focus is on elevating artists' careers, offering comprehensive promotion services, and seamlessly integrating traditional artistry with emerging technologies and new market trends.

  • Art: Prioritizing artists' needs to foster uninhibited creativity.
  • Culture: Global promotion of artists, transcending cultural and geographical barriers.
  • Technology and New Media: Ensuring artists' access to the latest technologies including VR, generative art programming, and more.
  • Business: Providing professional guidance to navigate the art world.

The AC Way

Our Core Principles

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New Media and Technology

The Forefront of Artistic Innovation

  • Generative Art Programming: Exploring the intersections of art and AI for unique creations.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Environments: Offering immersive and interactive artistic experiences.
  • Phygital Art: Combining physical artistry with digital innovations for enhanced authenticity and verification, crucial for artists and collectors.
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Market Analysis

Emerging Trends and Demand

The demand in artist promotion and creative production is evolving, with significant growth in:

  • Social Media Connectivity: Essential for artists to promote and engage with a global audience.
  • Adoption of Emerging Technologies: Utilizing web3, blockchain, and virtual worlds to create distinctive and interactive art experiences.

Our Team

The AC is powered by a team of seasoned professionals offering comprehensive services for artists, collectors, galleries, and brands. Our expertise spans various sectors, ensuring a well-rounded approach to artist promotion and market strategy. The AC is more than a promotion agency; we are collaborators in the artistic journey. Our objective is to nurture, promote, and celebrate the diversity of art in all its forms, securing a dynamic and enduring future for the creative industry.

Partner & Co-Founder

Victor Rivera

Producer, Director, Partnerships
The Artist Collective LLC

Chairman, Board of Directors
The Art Crew Inc. 501c3
Charity for Artists

Cultural Arts Expert, African Arts Expert

Collector, AR Producer, Advisor Web3 & Metaverse, Marketing, Tokenomics, Fine Art, Culture, Phygital, African Art , Digital Art, NFTs , African NFTs

Partner & Co-Founder

Ken Newton

Tech-Enabler & New Media Artist
The Artist Collective LLC

Executive Director
The Art Crew Inc. 501c3
Charity for Artists

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