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Levan (DORIAMUHANTAA) Amashukeli

NFT Collection

The Origin of Dreamhunter and the Dreamverse

What is one thing that we all have in common that has no limits or boundaries? The ability to dream. Dreams are the limitless and powerful inspiration behind art and the foundation of the unique stories behind each Dreamhunter in my PFP NFT collection of sculpted 3D objects and digital paintings.

   No two dreams are exactly the same. Even more exciting, there is an endless possibility of dream scenarios within each of us. My Dreamhunters are Dreamverse creatures collecting and encapsulating the rarest dreams of humankind. Imagine for a second that you could combine an idea, a memory, an event, a goal, or a favorite hobby with a detailed and imaginative dream that could be translated into art – that is what the Dreamhunter collection delivers.

   Each Dreamhunter has its own unique story and dream which inspired the detailed artwork on the object. Then, to take you further into my vision and the deepest corners of creativity within my mind you have a digital painting of each Dreamhunter in the Dreamverse – allowing you to experience the world in which each piece lives.

   Next, through a 4K video you can see your favorite Dreamhunter in motion within the Dreamverse to give you a full-circle experience of 3D sculpting, digital painting, and the transitioning of dream to reality. Most importantly, Dreamhunters take shape in physical form with the A2 poster that comes with owning a Dreamhunter. This encapsulates the full Dreamhunter experience in a tangible utility to add to physical art collections within homes and personal spaces.

   Travel with me for a moment through my thoughts to the “First Dream” that inspired the Dreamhunter collection

 Connect with your favorite Dreamhunter in my PFP NFT Collection available on Opensea and tell me about the dream or aspect of my 3D sculptures and digital paintings that resonate with you most.



Project Dreamhunter is a AR PFP nft collection of sculpted 3D objects with digital paintings by Artist Levan Amashukeli. The Project Dreamhunter is a collab with Art Up Street Gallery. Presented on and exhibited in the digital museum ROOMS


NFT Collection

Dreamhunters are dreamverse creatures collecting and encapsulating the rarest dreams of humankind



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