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I am a Surreal Painter and Illustrator. My work has shown in Galleries internationally including Stratosphere in 2022 NYC, NFT.NYC. Press: MOCA, PBS, Outsider, Business Insider & Bloomberg Magazine.

I Dream



Don't ever, ever give up. Push through those struggles, they bring light, joy, and a feeling of exhilaration that would have never been experienced if it had been easy.

I created "Soaring" over the past week, tiny bits to create a piece that was reminiscent of my love of Bouguereau, with a modern twist. This is digital over painting on an AI concept in Midjourney 4, Out-painting in Dall-E2, Over-painting and editing in Photoshop, LightBox, and details utilized from photography. I used this as my focus piece to manifest a dream to not struggle anymore.

It worked.

Created by Maryanne Chisholm


Fleeting Thoughts

I am still,
one being,
Fluttering wings.
My heart beating,
brushing silently,
over my skin,
coaxing quietly,
secrets within.


Award winning Art on KnownOrigin.

Award winning Art on KnownOrigin.

Affirmations of Light 1/1


Lamentation V1


Meji Insight


I Love Dogs!

Creatures from Cubism

Celebrity Sugar Skulls - Betty


Celebrity Sugar Skulls - Bob


Celebrity Sugar Skulls - Billie



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