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LATEST - 🤖 Ali Murat Erkorkmaz has partnered with!

Our Lady of AI 

Robisapien NFT Art

Our Lady of AI

✔️ Robisapien's AI brain created a painting of Our Lady of AI and imbued it with Ludwig's compositions.

Ludwig - the AI Composer

✔️ Ludwig was born in 1990, but no one could hear its compositions. Now, everyone can hear them and acquire them as a unique #nft combining a piece of the #painting and a unique composition created by AI that is attached to it!

Worlds Within World

✔️ The picture is divided into 10000 pixel arrays.
Selecting one array in the picture triggers Ludwig to write a unique composition.

🎼 This #unique artistic combination will belong only to you 🖼️

🤖 Robisapien AI NFT Team 🤖 

Ali Murat Erkorkmaz

In 2021, he has developed a software called MONARCH to find out the butterfly effect of shares on the stock market and could predict estimations.

Also he has started a mobile game called GO-ALL! that would make Football clubs earn money through their fans.

In 2020, he has developed the second stage on social media for toys where robotic toys, characters on mobile and the children could communicate and develop projects in multilingual international platforms.

In 2019 he has worked on artificial intelligence applications and autonomous modellings for cars.

In 2018 he has started “Piccolata”, an educational interactive cartoon channel project for young children. While attending the shows, Piccolata allowed the children to communicate with toys that are equipped with artificial intelligence, forming the social media for the toys and the children of the world.

He started working on Robotic projects which was called “ToyGuys” where he had built three robotic toys that had Artificial Intelligence and could talk among each other and with children.

and more !!

Greg Barr

I am an experienced consultant having led or supported multi-year strategic planning, quality assurance and financial analysis programs internationally for the UNDP, and nationally for federal agencies such as SBA, GSA, IRS and the US Navy.

I have led Electronic Medical Record implementations at multi-specialty clinics.
My expertise spans strategic planning and Balanced Scorecard, activity-based business management (AbBM), process costing, group facilitation, system development, database development, systems design, business process reengineering (BPR) and process improvement, and change management. I also have broad ranging experience with information systems development and deployment including infrastructure provisioning, software development and custom graphic user interface design.

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Kevin Russell 

Simulation innovation strategist (VR1.0 1991 veteran) focused on intelligent XR platform services. Having held senior production, operations, and management roles across Internet, Media, Technology, Healthcare, Education, Telecommunications and Broadcasting businesses; my work spans spatial 3D audio & music production, UX/UI design/strategy, e-commerce, medical simulation training/systems/learning operations & research, management consulting, and IoT/M2M Enterprise Cellular WAN networking.

I am focused on creative, strategic, and operational business product strategies, converging extended reality (XR, VR, AR) /spatial computing, to enhance and accelerate situational awareness, learning, health, and entertainment. Able to deliver intelligent platforms, products, and experiences around human-centric design goals, where privacy is central to the Internet of Everything, with strategic, actionable insights into emerging opportunities from a combination of hands-on, business operations, systems, and design thinking.

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Ken Newton

Artist & Worldbuilder at The Artist Collective (Co-Founder, CEO). Advisor & Product Strategy- Creating Web3 & Metaverse dreams! Explorer AI/ML & XR.

Mixed Media New Tech Artist
2020-2021: Team Lead, Customer Success Manager, Global Azure CSP/MSP Account Management
2016-2019: Interaction Design & Product Management with B2B2C commercial delivery teams
2007-2016: In-house Enterprise Application Design & Development with Higher Education and Research

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Victor Rivera

 Advisor Web3 & Metaverse, Marketing , Tokenomics


21 years e-commerce experiece , online marketing

Fine Art, Culture, Phygital, AR/African Art , Digital Art, NFTs

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